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Scozzese Wood Fired Pizza is a unique mobile catering business operating in Scotland. We provide premium quality wood fired pizzas, served from our mobile stone bake oven and are proud to raise the standards for catering at major events, festivals, corporate events and private parties across Scotland.

Our pizzas are handmade and then baked in our traditional wood fired oven at 400 degrees, giving a superb crisp texture and a unique light flavour.

We use only the finest authentic ingredients, served quickly to satisfy the needs of those event or festival goers that seek a more superior food offering. We cater for vegetarians and also serve a beautiful range of sweet pizza’s (sweetza) which will delight those with a ‘sweet tooth’.

The ingredients we use, are where possible sourced locally, and we only use the very best suppliers that produce the freshest and finest ingredients possible.

We are very passionate and proud about our values. The wood we use is sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests and we recycle all paper, plastic and glass.

All our staff are fully trained and qualified in food hygiene and we are members of the National Market Traders Federation.

For booking enquiries or more information, please contact us using the email below

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